About Us

An engineer, Alex Luo, who graduated from the University of British Columbia seeking a new way to harness his studies and general interest of adventurers and beyond. Alex and his dad, worked in the boat industry for many years, orchestrated ideas on creating a modular kayak a few years ago in order to solve the problem of transportation and storage of small boats. With their collaborative expertise, they were able to design a state of the art boating experience for boaters of every tier.

uKai is a unique, next generation modular kayak line that increases the pleasures of kayaking by making each piece of your ride compact and ready for adventure. After 6 years of designing and testing, these small water-crafts are now ready to see the world.

uKai makes traveling over water accessible and simple to do. Whether you are paddling after work in the urban environment, or packing up for a drive away to enjoy nature, you are no longer limited by storage or transportation.

Our innovative design gives more people the chance to get out on the water and enjoy time in nature, ultimately, changing their relationship with fitness and the outdoors.

uKai – boat in your car